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Enhance peoples’ potential by providing assistive technologies.


Wearable technolgy

to support arm movements.

Our technology is a non-electronic wearable, which provides close-to-body support that cancels out gravity in every possible natural position of the arms. This means that no energy is wasted on lifting the arms (2,5 kg each) so that the remaining muscle force can be used for carrying out the natural movements required in daily life. This enables the user to retain or regain their arm functions. 

Hardware & Software

Sensor technology

to monitor movement.

The sensor platform tracks all arm movements with the aim to provide feedback to the patient and caregivers, in the form of insights and advice regarding arm activity and fatigue. In parallel, the collected data allows distant monitoring by medical practitioners, and personalised the physical exercises for each individual patient.



to improve and apply our technologies.

In order to develop our technologies as best as possible, we continuously collaborate with researchers and developers from various disciplines. Moreover, Yumen Bionics conducts contextual user research through affiliated patient representation organisations.

Latest projects


Www.usuall.org is an online platform developed in cooperation with Duchenne Parent Project and supported by Innovatiefonds Zorgverzekeraars. The platform aims to inspire, motivate and empower people to design useful and enjoyable products for all children who are physically impaired.

Wearable Robotics

NWO funded research project, in which technology is created to truly augment or restore human motor functions: these technologies will be soft, lightweight, comfortable, intuitive to control, and affordable. Read more at www.wearablerobotics.nl

Application for ALS patients

In collaboration with Stichting ALS Nederland, a feasibility study is conducted to identify and increase the added value of the Yumen technologies for patients with ALS. More info will follow soon. 

Rehabilitation device for stroke

FEXO supports a modular approach in order to address patients’ rehabilitation needs in a personalised and progressive manner. This approach enables the use of complementary techniques that show beneficial effects on upper extremity rehabilitation.